Police and Public Safety

Aspirational Statement:

All members of our community deserve to be safe, respected and equitably served by law enforcement. Our town government must seek equal and restorative justice measures for our black communities. Elected officials must demand accountability, transparency, and the elimination of systematic racism in the Police Department. Healthy police officers will be more capable of serving our community equitably.


Hamden has a history of over-policing Southern Hamden and police violence in our black neighborhoods. Hamden’s inactive police commission has not been transparent or demanded accountability from the police department. Hamden has neglected the health and well-being of police officers to the detriment of officers’ interactions with the community.


I will work to dismantle systemic racism within the police department and promote a safe community and healthy environment in the following ways:

-Support hiring practices that produce a police department that reflects the community it serves

-Police response addresses the diverse needs of the community

-Reimagine policing approaches by employing de-escalation, demilitarization, implicit bias training, and peer accountability

-Develop unarmed response options for non-violent incidents

-Reinvest funds into partnerships with social workers, mental health workers, and substance abuse counselors

-Train firefighters, EMTs, and police officers in developmentally and trauma-informed responses

-Have an active police commission that is separate from the traffic commission and holds regular meetings that are accessible electronically, with minutes available in a timely manner

-The police commission will hold the police department accountable individually, systemically, and financially

-Transition to a civilian review board with subpoena power Increase systemic and financial support for police officers’ health and well-being